Hair at Cannes 2023: challenge between extra smooth and fluffy hair

ANDxtra smooth or super fluffy? On the Cannes 2023 red carpet it’s a hairstyle challenge. Very long and very smooth hair, as Naomi Campbell and Eva Longoria teach, or fluffy and voluminous, like Marion Cotillard’s waves, Elsa Hosk’s soft bob, Heidi Klum’s shag or Maya Hawke’s? Choice divides. And dictates two tendenciesAnd.

Hair Cannes 2023: straight, the triumph of Liquid Hair

Smooth, indeed very smooth, so as to seem liquidfor a silky effect made possible by extremely bright and soft to the touch hair.

Choosing them at Cannes 2023 are Irina Shayk, Jennifer Lawrence and above all Naomi Campbell and Eva Longoria. Fundamental feature, besides the spaghetti-effect styling, it’s the length: to recreate the Liquid Hair that stars like so much, the hair must necessarily be medium-long.

At Cannes 2023 Eva Longoria, Naomi Campbell and Irina Shayk all chose Liquid Hair

A hair trend that continues to please: the progenitor was Kim Kardashian, who made Liquid Hair the distinctive trait of her hair, to then make school among Dua Lipa, JLo. And now the protagonists of Cannes 2023.

Extra smooth hair, how to have it

Easy to copy, in addition to the keratin treatments to be done in the salon, the fundamental starting point for this type of styling is hydration. Indispensable ingredients that deeply nourish the hair fiber, such as hyaluronic acid, bamboo extract, honey, which give brightness and elasticize the fiber. Very useful glthe pre-shampoo packs and the subsequent application of the conditioner, which improves gives body.

Elisabetta Canalis, the cut you don't expect: long and very straight hair

A detail not to be underestimated during the drying phase: to avoid a crease that is too flat, first proceed by hand using a hair dryer and a round brush, then move on to the straightener.

At Cannes 2023, fluffy and voluminous hair

It’s almost a bubble hair effect or “va-va-voom” to put it with an English expression that is so Sixties: voluminous hair is popular and has also been seen on the Cannes red carpet.

The fluffy hair at Cannes 2023: Gigi Hadid, Marion Cotillard, Elsa Hosk (Getty Images).

The hair of Marion Cotillard and Gigi Hadid: not just combed with a slight movement, for one feeling of wind in the hairbut above all with that extra touch of volume that doesn’t hurt.

How to make va-va voom hair

Trend that is also very popular on TikTok, where tutorials multiply, voluminous hair is found inspiration from a very illustrious precedent, Farrah Fawcett’s seventies hair.

But how do you create so much volume? First of all pre-working not only the lengths but above all the roots, using a large diameter round brush and a hair dryer with a nozzle. Yes they roll the individual strands around the brush first from below and then from above, using the air to give volume. Alternatively, wide curlers can be used. And that’s it.