Pfor the saying “new year, new me”, too Hailey Bieber says goodbye to her long honey-blonde hair by unveiling a new, fresh, haircut on Instagram: a even helmet that goes beyond the chin but does not touch the shoulders.

    Hailey Bieber and the new bob cut

    Once again the founder of the Rhode cosmetic line defines what will be next hair trends thanks to her new haircut, a geometric bob and even that does not reach behind. Completely unexpected change of look from her followers: Hailey Bieber has rarely wore short hair always preferring lengths that exceed the shoulders, so much so that she recently boasted on Instagram that she no longer uses any type of extension.

    Today though, with its new haircut, confirms the trends that were already beginning to invade the web: namely that 2023 will certainly be the year of medium-short cuts.

    A “Blunt Bob”, fresh and super chic

    His name is “Blunt Bob” and he is a geometric haircut from the rough finishes to the scissor inspired by the character of Margot Tenenbaum of the Wes Anderson film.

    Hailey Bieber’s makeover (Credits: Instagram @haileybieber)

    Fresh and super-chic this look is characterized by its decisive shape and minimal allure striking for the clean cut lengths.

    Simple but at the same time full of style, this type of bob yes lends itself perfectly to natural smooth hair but it also adapts to those moves, creating an artfully disheveled effect. In fact, to be worn casually, it is a timeless classic, which lends itself to every season and does not require too much maintenance.

    Medium-short hair: the trend of 2023

    Yet another confirmation, therefore, for the trends medium-short hair for 2023.

    So the revolution has begun. If long hair has always been a symbol of femininity and sensuality, today from your own haircut more is required, that is? A dose of courage and grit that asserts one’s personality.