Hackl on moving to Austria: “More freedom, better pay” – tobogganing – winter sports

ÖRV has been interested in cooperation for a long time

The Austrian Toboggan Association (ÖRV) actively approached him. “It’s also no secret that the Austrian side has been making me this offer for several years. Up to now I’ve always turned it down because I was still in the Bundeswehr and didn’t want to give up my status as a career soldier,” explained Hackl.

“But now I’ve retired from the Bundeswehr on October 1st, according to my age.” Since then he has had an employment contract with the Bobsleigh and Sled Association for Germany (BSD).

No criticism of the German Bobsleigh and Sled Association

Hackl refrained from open criticism of the German Bobsleigh and Sled Association (BSD): “I’ve always pulled together with my protégés. I don’t want to address the rest.”

“With the commitment of Georg Hackl, a personal wish has come true,” said ÖRV President Markus Prock. “I am very happy but also proud that he has chosen us.”

Three Olympic gold medals and numerous world titles

Hackl last worked as a coach for the German lugers at the Olympic Games in Beijing and was jointly responsible for winning all four gold medals.

In addition to three Olympic gold medals in 1992, 1994 and 1998, he also won two silver medals as well as numerous World Championship titles and a total of 33 World Cup races.

Source: dpa/sid