We are in 2024, and for those of us who are lucky enough to not be vegan, modernity offers us the possibility of tasting the best foods and the most select meats without having to go out into the mountains to hunt for any poor mammal happily camping among fellow species. . But We humans, faced with this comfort and no longer needing the disturbing practice of hunting, insatiable and in need of victims, need to continue practicing it whether it is sporting or socially.

And Barça, always Barça, at the center of our focus.

That’s what I see around me these days, and I perceive it not only in bars, offices or bus stops, we have also signed up to loiter in radio studios, television sets or in the most diverse newsrooms. We fill out discussions, reports and surveys, and always with a clear premise: The hunt for the culprit… We must find him!

Who is to blame for the fragile situation that our beloved club is going through? Who is to blame for having plunged us into this peremptory crisis? Who is to blame for the discredit that comes with not finding that game that, once, made us proud? And I have to confess that the answer to all of this, not only does it not matter too much to me, but it seems like a waste of time that we don’t have.

It’s like that. “Who is to blame” doesn’t matter to me, there will be time to analyze what happened, what should really occupy us more than worry today is “WHO is the solution”, since time passes and destiny will be implacable.

And Xavi on everyone’s lips.

I will not say that our coach does not have responsibility, of course he does, as does the club for not having known how to find a way to seduce the member by attracting him to the stadium, as do some players who seem to have forgotten the sacred mission that has been entrusted from the same moment you put on the Blaugrana jacket, as do the thousands of members who a few months ago mistakenly thought that we could take a year off, a year without giving breath to our colors, and that we could hibernate in our home with Movistar plus as a shelter, as if we were plantigrades in their bears waiting for spring. And spring is already here, and it is not going to wait for us, nor for the players, nor for the managers, nor for our coach.

And while we make mistakes, and we all do, I would ask that we not forget the ball. Having that ball is what made us indestructible, not just the fact of winning as I heard, astonished, the day before yesterday.

The ball is our beginning, not our end, and beginnings are sacred.

Remember Plato: “He who does not risk anything for his ideas, either his ideas are worthless, or he is worthless…”

Sacrifice, responsibility and risk, also risk. That sacrifice and that risk makes us unique. If we don’t exercise them, then yes, go on the hunt and find your culprit.