Guenda Goria at Tale e Quale Show after the marriage proposal

The girl will replace mother Maria Teresa Ruta in the October 20 episode of the Rai 1 program

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Guenda Goria will be in Friday 20 October Such and Such Show instead of mom Maria Teresa Ruta. In fact, the competitor of the entertaining Rai 1 show suffered a small injury so her daughter Guenda Goria was called to her aid and she will be able to show off all her singing and interpretive skills in the program hosted by Carlo Conti.

guenda goria a as such

It’s not the first time the two have worked together. Indeed Maria Teresa Ruta and daughter Guenda Goria they participated as a couple in the Big Brother VIP and they were guests at The right time Caterina Balivo’s afternoon program. Guenda Goria was in the studio while Maria Teresa Ruta in connection and talked about the injury suffered during last Friday’s performance in which she imitated Heather Parisi: “I heard a knee crack, then an ankle give way, some pain but I took the performance home, then I got bad”. For this reason she was given some days off and Guenda will take her place at Such and Such Show. The girl explained that she had done the audition of the program well 12 times “one more than mother” and she will finally be able to fulfill her dream and she will be the one to take on the role of Elettra Lamborghini.

the marriage proposal

While waiting to perform on Friday evening, Guenda Goria will also be thinking about the wedding. The boyfriend Mirko Gancitano he arrived in the studio during Caterina Balivo’s broadcast, got down on one knee and asked her to marry her. The boy was in the studio and to Caterina Balivo, who asked about their future intentions, he replied: “There hasn’t been a proposal yet, but it will arrive soon. Maybe even today. Maybe the band can give me a hand”. At that point he got down on one knee for the proposal, taking out the ring. Mother Maria Teresa in connection he joked: “I’m very happy for Guenda but a little worried about Mirko, every now and then I tell him to run”. And he replied: “I will come to you for refuge if there are any dark nights.” Now all that remains is to organize the wedding.

the illness

Guenda Goria and Mirko Gancitano they have been together for some time, for about two years and last summer Guenda had asked in a letter published in a weekly if he intended to marry her, despite everything they have been through together. In fact, the girl was first diagnosed withendometriosis, then she underwent surgery to remove a cyst and discovered an ectopic pregnancy which led to the removal of the tube where it had implanted. It was the summer of 2022 and after this operation Mirko Gancitano wrote on social media that they had decided to move the wedding to the spring of 2023. Evidently then all plans changed given her request for summer 2023 and Mirko’s proposal on TV done these days. In recent months, Guenda shared the discovery with her followers on Instagram not being able to have children naturally because the only tube she has left doesn’t work well.