Group of refugees transferred for the sixth time within North Holland

For the sixth time since July 2022, a group of refugees is being moved within North Holland. The group will settle in Wervershoof from this week, after previously visiting Heiloo, Alkmaar, Bergen, Enkhuizen and Avenhorn. When will the countless transfers end? “It’s sad that it is necessary to keep moving people.”

The emergency crisis shelter in Wervershoof is necessary because the registration center in Ter Apel is still overcrowded. The municipality of Medemblik will take over emergency shelter from the municipality of Koggenland until May 1 next year. The government has asked all security regions to organize emergency crisis accommodation for 450 asylum seekers.

It is not certain how many more stops the group will have to make, as a national solution is being sought. A permanent location is absolutely preferred, so that the constant movement of this already vulnerable group stops. The North Holland North Safety Region cannot yet say much about the plans, because this will be determined nationally.


The group of refugees started in Heiloo in July 2022. “There is only a single family that has come from the location in Heiloo, so there is flow,” says Anton Wildoer of the North Holland North Safety Region. “From May 1, we will stop interfering with crisis emergency care, which will all be arranged by other parties.”

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According to Mayor Michiel Pijl of Medemblik, it will be the last time that a reception location will be organized in this way. How does he view the many moves that this group has to experience?

“I think it is sad that this is necessary. That people now have to go to a different location every few months. But I do think we can say that they are received here in a good and humane manner.”

Critical villagers

From Alkmaar to Wervershoof: the arrival of emergency crisis shelter is accompanied by the necessary critical voices from the villagers.

“There was indeed some uncertainty in Wervershoof and questions came from villagers. We therefore try to inform them as best as possible by organizing information evenings and now giving a tour of the new location. Questions and concerns can be discussed in this way,” says Pijl. , who looks around with satisfaction. “We ensure that we can accommodate people in a good and humane manner.”