Grey, gray and wet start of autumn, but don’t worry: the sun is still coming

It has been raining heavily in the province all morning and will continue to do so for a while. Astronomical autumn doesn’t start for another two days, but for many people today’s rainy day will already feel like the real end of summer and the beginning of autumn. But there is still hope: according to NH weatherman Jan Visser, there are still a few nice days ahead.

“There will be a lot of rain first,” Visser said on NH Radio. “A period of rain this morning, and this afternoon as well. Then the rain may be a bit more intensive, because there is a disturbance in the cold front.” Ultimately it will be dry for a while tonight. The weatherman expects that up to 20 millimeters of rain will have fallen locally. “It’s really a rainy day.”

It won’t stay dry for long tonight either. “There will be a few showers later in the evening.”

The temperature is also a bit lower today, especially than last night. “It’s a bit of an upside-down world. Normally the maximum temperatures occur in the afternoon and now this has already been the case at night. In Wijk aan Zee it was 20 degrees last night and now in many places it is only a degree or so. 15.”

And it won’t be much warmer today.


We will also have showers tomorrow. “We are already seeing this at night and in the morning with showers that may be accompanied by thunder. The showers will continue to come tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening.”

Heavy showers may occur, especially on the coast and around the IJsselmeer, with fairly strong winds and a chance of thunder. It will be about 17 degrees tomorrow.

Late summer

It will continue to rain for a while on Saturday morning, but the sun will occasionally appear around the corner in the afternoon. “It will be 17 to 18 degrees. It is already starting to improve a bit.”

From Sunday the weather will be a bit nicer. “We are switching to a late summer weather type,” says Visser. “Many periods of sunshine and the temperature is getting a little higher every day. Sunday 19 to 20 degrees and the following days fully above 20 degrees, towards 22, 23 degrees.” This will remain the case until the middle of next week.

Such a ‘beautiful late summer’ as Jan Visser calls it, is quite exceptional. If the weather continues like this, we will end up with twenty days above twenty degrees. You don’t often see that in September.