‘Grandmothers’ Nieuw Sloten in Kratje Trap steal the show with dance moves and trap technique

At first glance, the players of SV Nieuw Sloten 1 look a bit nonchalant and fun, but don’t underestimate them. When the game Kratje Trap starts, these football players are razor sharp and perfectly attuned to each other. You will see in episode three whether this cheerful trio can actually attack first place.

Three players taped together try to score as many points as possible. They are given 15 balls and 2.30 minutes for this. If the ball flies into the goal, it scores 3 points. The crates yield many more points.


If you would like to participate in this game, please send an email to [email protected] stating “Crate Trap”. Who knows, reporter Erik-Jan Brinkman may also visit your team.

Stand Crate Stairs:

1. New Sloten 1 72 points
2. Alcmaria Victrix 6 46 points
3. Sporting Martinus 1 26 points
4. ?