Antwerp governor Cathy Berckx (CD&V) wants a kind of ‘football law’ for recreational areas in order to be able to intervene better in the event of disturbances such as those that have occurred in recent days in the recreation parks Blaarmeersen (Ghent) and De Nekker (Mechelen). This law allows the exchange of data. As a result, people who are denied access in one domain can immediately be banned from visiting other recreation parks.

    In recent days, the police had to intervene regularly in disturbances in Ghent and Mechelen, among other places. As a result, Blaarmeersen and De Nekker are only allowed to enter a certain number of people, and only with an online ticket. There will also be checks to check whether the identity of visitors matches what has been entered in the online registration system, and more security officers.

    Privacy law

    Recreational domains can draw up a place ban for amok makers after problems. However, a problem remains that they can then still visit other recreational areas without any problems. After all, the privacy legislation (GDPR) does not allow data exchange.

    Antwerp governor Cathy Berckx (CD&V) therefore wants the federal government to make it possible to also apply the instruments of the ‘football law’ to recreational parks. “Certainly in the summer season,” says Berckx. “So that data can be exchanged under strict conditions.” It would make it possible for people who make a fuss in one park to be denied access to another park.

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