Gottschalk’s “Wetten, dass..?” jokes: immoral or okay?

In November 2023, Thomas Gottschalk concluded his “Wetten,dass..?” chapter. It is the show of his life; he shaped it with his presenters. But the 73-year-old decided to use the last minutes of the broadcast to loudly express his lack of understanding of the socio-political assessments of our time and thus ensured – whether voluntarily or without intending to – that it was interpreted that this was also why he was wearing the Saturday evening show costume hangs the nail. A somewhat strange conversation with Shirin David supported the impression.

It may be fitting in all of this, intentionally or unintentionally, that Gottschalk has been attacked on social media for months, in “Wetten,dass..?” even in the last program, several prominent women who were guests Having patted the knee. He is accused of indecent touching and assault. Incomprehensible for the moderator.

“I am not the forefather of ‘acting’”

In his podcast “Die Supernasen” with Mike Krüger, he now launched a counterattack: “I’m starting to get annoyed, I have to say honestly, by these constant accusations that I was the forefather of ‘acting’ on television. (…) I cannot blame myself for behaving immorally in front of millions of viewers.” Gottschalk made it clear that he always behaved “charmingly and courteously.” “I wasn’t an ‘acter’ and I never want to have been!”

Always close to his guests: Thomas Gottschalk, here with Britney Spears, on the “Wetten,dass..?” couch

The numerous reactions online show that many people are concerned with the question of whether the moderator’s approach is appropriate or not. Some say that touching is the kind of thing that is practiced much more intensively in other cultures in order to assure each other of mutual appreciation in a respectful but attentive manner. Others say that pressures are out of time and cannot be based on consensus from the outset.

What do you think: Is this an indecent act and actually not necessary – or is it a perfectly acceptable attempt to get in touch with female guests?

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