Gordon unblocks Yvonne and goes wild: ‘With your cheap dresses!’

Gordon has unblocked juice queen Yvonne Coldeweijer to spit his bile. What exactly does that look like? She reads his angry text in full. “With your cheap dresses!”


It’s no secret that Gordon has a beef with everything loose and sticky. He once decided to completely insult Connie Witteman during a private conversation by telephone and because she already sensed it coming, she decided to record it and post it online. The result? Goor revealed her 06 number live on television. So Flodder.


Anyway: now Yvonne Coldeweijer is doing something similar, only she is not disclosing a telephone conversation, but a message he sent her last weekend. But wait a minute… How is that even possible? He recently blocked her, right?

That’s right, says Yvonne in her ever-juicy Juice Show. “He blocked me and that doesn’t bother me at all. I think it’s great. You should do that too, because if you were under the impression that there was a friendship here or something… Apparently not. Okay, fine.”

Block ass

When Gordon wants to spew his bile, he unblocks Yvonne again. But it doesn’t work that way, she fumes. “If you want to say something again because I said you’re almost broke after you blocked me… You want to say something about that and you’re going to unblock me for saying that… Then I’ll block you ass just because I don’t feel like doing this!”

Yvonne then starts reading Goor’s text. “Hi Yvonne, I don’t know who is telling you all that bullshit, but I’m fine. You still have to sell a lot of cheap dresses for that. And I have been coming to Cape Town for 30 years and alternate with Dubai. But it’s nice that you also join the rest who want to destroy me.”

Bullshit posts

So he is back in the victim role. Gordon continues: “And why did you post those bullshit messages about Geer and Goor? I could send you the app, but I won’t let you do that anymore. And you know, I still like you and I hope you’re happy with your beautiful child. Love, Gordon.”

How should we interpret this? “He is sometimes accused of being bipolar, but within one message! I found this so unstable that I thought: well, I don’t feel like doing this at all.”

No contact

Will Yvonne unblock him again at some point? “No, because I don’t need any contact with celebrities at all. It just happened that way because I always liked Corrie, but then Gavin, that loser ex, posted a photo on Insta with a carton of juice and said: ‘Yes, I enjoy the juice.’”

“And then I also put Gavin down for a while, because no, then I will also stand up for Corrie again. But I just don’t need personal contact with celebrities. So if you are a celebrity, just don’t send anything to me.”