Gordon stops promoting new album and cancels theater tour due to negative reactions | Show

Gordon Heuckeroth (55) stops promoting his new album and has also canceled his theater tour. The singer, who returned last week with new music after eight years, announced this on social media on Thursday. “The reason for this is the incessant stream of negative reports about his comeback.”

On February 12, Gordon made himself heard after almost a year of silence on Instagram. He announced his musical comeback and did not share anything more about his private life. “I also have a career that I would like to maintain,” he wrote.

Gordon announced that he had been working on a new album in complete secrecy. The new album, titled Album of my life, came out last week. Shortly afterwards, the singer also announced that he would visit nine theaters in the Netherlands in June this year.

But it doesn’t get that far. Gordon announced on Instagram on Thursday that he would stop promoting his new album. His theater tour is also cancelled. ‘The reason for this is the incessant stream of negative reports about his comeback. The impact of this has affected him,” it can be read.

Fans who have already obtained tickets will be contacted by the theaters. “For those who have already purchased a ticket for the theater shows, I would like to thank you for your trust and support,” said Gordon.

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Gordon’s choice to stop all work regarding his album and theater tour is striking. He previously said in conversation with ANP that he was ‘ready to put his head on the chopping block’. “You know, I let it wash over me,” he said. “And I have become older and wiser.”

Ticket sales for Gordon’s shows were not exactly booming. Some theaters only managed to sell 20 tickets.

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