‘Gordon sends furious texts, I ignore him’

Yvonne Coldeweijer says she still receives ferocious texts from Gordon, but she structurally ignores them. “I was in contact with him once, but I just don’t respond anymore.”


There are few celebrities who have as few allies in the media as Gordon. Remarkably, Yvonne Coldeweijer was until the middle of last year, because in the distant past – when there were no cameras – he had once been nice to her brother. But when she started putting juice on him, that good relationship was over in one fell swoop.

To the ground

Gordon lashed out furiously at Yvonne last week and, according to the juice queen, that illustrates the current state of their relationship. “He always sends me my own quotes back to me. ‘Why are you saying this? Are you supposed to kick me when I’m already on the ground?’ Hahaha,” she laughs in her podcast The Juice Show.

What Yvonne made him so angry with? The claim that Gerard Joling would have abandoned a new season of Over De Vloer after Gordon’s dramatic interview with Beau van Erven Dorens. “Yes, and Evert is denying that, saying: ‘We called again, but we couldn’t get it confirmed.’ But that says more about him.”

Another corner

Is Gordon so angry with Yvonne because he confided this news to her himself? “No, I got that from a different angle, but a very close angle, so I think he just didn’t really like the fact that now everyone knows that Geer just canceled that because he makes those strange statements every time. ”

Co-host Mark Koster: “Because it was the big Beau interview. That was the moment Geer thought: this is a patient.”

Yvonne: “Yes. Well, I don’t know. But Geer thought: if I link my image to this, then I won’t look so good anymore.”

‘I ignore him’

Mark thinks it is a plausible story that Gerard would have dropped out after the much-discussed episode of Casa di Beau. “Yes, and what always strikes me is that Gordon gets angry with you.”

Yvonne: “He was online for less than 24 hours. He would only be business online for his fans. Well, I thought I’d take a look. Hahahaha. No, do you know what it is? I was in contact with him once, but I just don’t respond anymore.”

App immediately

Gordon approached Yvonne immediately after her Over De Vloer juice. “He immediately started texting me again. Yes, before he started ranting online, he texted me first. “Why don’t you ask me first if it’s true?” I think: yes, I don’t do that with anyone, I won’t do that with you either.”