Gordon lashes out at ‘depressed’ René van der Gijp: ‘Come on!’

Gordon finds it laughable that René van der Gijp has called him a patient. If anyone is a patient, it is him, according to the entertainer. “What are we doing!”


His second comeback of the year is a fact: Gordon is back on the socials. His theater tour remains canceled for the time being – no one booked tickets for that – but he has started promoting his new album again. Unfortunately, its presentation fell through due to rather out-of-tune performances.


Why did Gordon decide to withdraw from the media last week? “It was a very tough week, I can tell you. I have to be honest: I have really recovered a bit, but gosh… I’m just shocked at how things go sometimes. I am a hypersensitive person and then I clam up. That sounds very stupid, but that’s just how it is.”

Frank Dane asks him in The 538 Afternoon Show: “That’s when people are critical on TV?”

Gordon: “Well, you know, you can criticize and that’s all fine, but I don’t think they even listened to the album and that’s what matters to me, you know.”

Jesus Christ

Does Gordon not understand the criticism of his false performances? “For me it’s about the music. I made a new record and it was just about me singing out of tune.”

“Yes, you know, sorry, it may not have been the best performance of my life… I never saw it again, by the way, I couldn’t watch it, but yes… That happens to all of us. But to torch someone like that, you know. God, Jesus Christ.”

Angry at VI

It is mainly the men of Today Inside who have made mincemeat of Gordon. “You have to remember that when something like this is broadcast, it is adopted by everyone, right? By the entire press, by everything and everyone. Every newspaper… Everything I do is in the newspaper. It doesn’t matter what I do.”

Why did he cancel his appearance at VI? “Well, you know, because I thought: if I’m going to participate in that… In any case, I think it’s a terrible program. I must honestly say that sometimes I watch and listen in horror to what they all say. Then I think: should I cooperate with people who actually just don’t like me?”

Do not feel like

Gordon doesn’t want to be in a program like VI at all. “I don’t feel like doing that at all. Would you sit at the table with people who would actually rather see your back than your nose? Not me.”

A few seconds later he wants to join VI again. “If they ask me next week, I will be there too. I am now strong enough to fight that, but at that moment I was just completely taken aback. I was just completely numb. I didn’t know what was happening to me.”

Ticket sales

Why did Gordon cancel his theater tour? “I was just done with it. I am very impulsive.”

Or was it the poor ticket sales? “No, that has nothing to do with it, dear boy. Those are theaters. That is so incredibly lame of Shownieuws to report online four or five hours later: ‘Ticket sales are going so badly.’”

Goor pukes on Shownieuws. “Just the fact that you’re so sad that you look at theater maps and say, ‘Well, only ten tickets have been sold.’ What kind of time are we living in, guys? Come on! What the hell are you doing?”

Patient Gip

If it is up to Gordon, he will be in VI next Thursday to make his TV comeback. “If VI calls me and they want me next week… I’ll be back on the thirteenth, so I’ll be sitting there at the table on the fourteenth. I’m going to wipe the floor with those guys, right?”

Finally about René van der Gijp: “If René van der Gijp is going to say about me that I am a patient… Someone who has been depressed for two years! Come on! What are you doing?”