Goodbye Gmail – Here are 4 free alternatives

There are valid free alternatives to Gmail e-mail, if the rejection of Google’s e-mail service is timely for one reason or another.

A personal email address is often used alongside the school or workplace email address. The network is full of more or less free options, of which the one managed with a Google account is often chosen Gmail.

However, Gmail is not always the best option. Just recently Helsingin sanomat newspaper reported on a special problem of the city of Helsinki. E-mails sent by kindergartens to parents still do not find their way to Gmail addresses.

The city hopes that parents will inform the kindergartens of an address other than Gmail.

In addition, the operation of the e-mail service owned by Google is financed with information collected from users and advertisements. This is not to the liking of those who are particular about their information.

Whether it’s about an email that hasn’t arrived or just a desire to look for alternatives to Gmail, there’s plenty to choose from online.

You can read in 2022 A full comparison of the wider e-mail services made by Mikrobit from here.

iCloud Mail

For Apple users, iCloud Mail is a smart option, as it is automatically created in connection with an AppleID account.

There is five gigabytes of free storage space, but it is shared between photos and other content stored in the cloud

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook, which works through a Microsoft account, is an ad-enriched platform that otherwise works flawlessly. In particular, the service pushes Office 365 ads.

The strength of Outlook is the 15 gigabyte storage space offered to free users.


The Swiss email service ProtonMail is based on open source code. The country’s data protection laws are strict, so at least in theory the service’s data protection should be trustworthy.

The service includes one gigabyte of storage space for free. However, according to ProtonMail, the storage space starts at 500 megabytes, which is gradually increased to a full gigabyte.


In 2022, the German company Tuta (formerly Tutanota) came out on top in Bit’s e-mail comparison. The service, based on open source code, emphasizes strict information security and protection.

One gigabyte of storage is offered to the free user.