Gold or silver trousers: how to match metal trousers

TOSome garments seem to have been created with a very specific purpose. The case of metallic trousers, gold or silver. A cult of the years Eighty, especially to shine in the evening, thanks to flared or wide models to be worn strictly with very high platform heels. Which they experience today new sizes, shapes, styles, transforming itself right into a key piece of the daytime look.

How do I dress?  The must-haves of the 2023 autumn season

Yes, because the stylists on the catwalks ofAutumn-Winter 2023/2024 they have rediscovered metal pants in updated guises, so much so that they are also perfect in the office as a glamorous alternative to classic dark tailored trousers.

Where we saw them

Gold and silver literally lit up the season’s fashion shows. The model in vogue today, according to the designers: straight cut medium wide, lowered waist and regular length. The material: lurex, lamé, leather or imitation leather, cady, or coated denim, the latest trend to follow. Like the gold trousers with the iridescent reflections spotted at the fashion show Proenza Schouler Autumn-Winter 2023/2024: characterized by a tubular leg silhouette, in metallic lambskin with stitching inspired by that of jeans.

The look with the gold trousers by Proenza Schouler FW23/24 (Photo: Spotlight Launchmetrics).

The color, a light golden which at times flows into silver, is another characteristic that makes them versatile and suitable for daywear. Surprisingly casual, never banal: that touch of glamor that elevates the outfit at all hours of the day.

How to match metallic trousers in winter 2023

Who thought metal pants were only for women Holiday like Christmas and New Year, he will necessarily have to change his mind. The credit goes above all to the brand’s fashion show styling, an ideal example to follow for those who want to try their hand at creating an outfit with gold or silver trousers to try in the office. The micro guide on how to combine this new/old must-have starts with the nuance: the metal and rock tone should be toned down with neutral pieces. For this purpose, ideal the greyThe beigeThe cream among the clear, but also the night blueThe chocolate and the forest green.

Another important topic, the mix with contrasting materials: metallic attracts knitwear And cloth, rather than silks or other fabrics that reflect light. In short, it’s all about enhancing the natural brilliance of the pants, to avoid blinding other people’s eyes. The simplest daily mix: a crew-neck sweater in wool or cashmere, to be worn alone or over a t-shirt; a beige coat traditional, with a wide collar and a straight line like pants; finally, the shoes that best match the metallic trousers are the cube-heeled ankle boots, with a Texan flavour, which are reminiscent of the looks of the unscrupulous Eighties. On accessories, free reign based on the occasion, from the maxi bag to the lively trunk.

Nothing prevents you from reusing your metal trousers during the next holidays, for a party instead of the usual evening dress. The important thing is to experiment with them right away in your daily outfit, to keep up with the trends…