Going out this spring break? A fun outing doesn’t have to be far away or expensive

Spring break is just around the corner: the perfect time to go out and enjoy some fun. And that doesn’t have to be a burden on the wallet at all. NH selected six fun, North Holland and not too expensive activities for the spring holidays.

Climbing park Streekbos Bovenkarspel – Photo: Climbing park Streekbos

1. The Climbing Dune in Schoorl

The Klimduin in Schoorl has been a true attraction for young and old for years. While the children have fun at Het Klimduin, parents can watch while enjoying a drink on one of the terraces at the foot of the dune. Nice bonus; There are no entrance fees for a visit to Het Klimduin.

2. Flora Maritime and Beachcombers Museum on Texel

Looking for a more educational outing? The Maritime and Beachcomber Museum Flora can be found on Texel. There are various exhibitions to visit here, consisting of a colorful collection of objects that have washed ashore over the past eighty years. In addition, there are also items that were the starting signal for the podcast The Egmond refugee boat from NH. In which reporter Maaike Polder from NH Alkmaar investigated the people behind the washed-up items.

On a real voyage of discovery? That is also possible. Through a treasure hunt with various games, the children can go on a quest throughout the museum. Climbing and clambering is also possible at the Beachcombers Museum. There is a large playground with various play equipment where children can have fun.

The costs for a visit to the Beachcombers Museum are between 6 and 8 euros per person.

3. Vlindorado in Waarland

One of the largest butterfly gardens in Europe is Waarland in North Holland. The many butterflies, birds and colorful exotic flowers make you feel like you are completely in the world of the tropical rainforest. To complete the visit, there is also a walk-in aviary with beautiful tropical birds that you can walk through to view the birds up close.

Children aged 2 to 12 years old pay 8.50 euros to visit the butterfly garden and associated bird garden. As an adult you pay 10.50 euros.

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Butterfly in Vlinderado – Photo: NH Media

4. LEGO Museum in Hoorn

Although the museum is actually called the ‘Museum of the 20th Century’, part of it has been transformed into the LEGO Museum. Three rooms in the museum are full of hundreds of LEGO buildings. The exhibition “90 years of LEGO” shows a unique collection of LEGO. From the first wooden toys to the first plastic bricks. Everything can be viewed in the halls of the Museum of the 20th Century. Building it yourself is certainly also an option, so there is something for everyone.

As an adult you pay 10 euros to visit the museum. A ticket for children costs 5 euros.

5. Steam tram Hoorn-Medemblik

In Hoorn you can travel by steam train during the spring holidays. Before the tram starts running, there is first a treasure hunt at and around the Hoorn tram station. The tram goes from Hoorn to Wognum and back. Along the way you will encounter several historic bridges and buildings. In addition to the tram ride, a visit to the museum is also worthwhile.

The cost of an afternoon on the steam tram is 14.50 euros for adults and 5 euros for children.

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Steam tram Hoorn-Medemblik – Photo: Steam tram museum

6. Climbing park Streekbos in Bovenkarspel

Would you like an active outing this holiday and have a little more money to spend? Climbing park Streekbos in Bovenkarspel offers various activities for young and old. You can play mini golf, canoeing and archery, among other things. What is the park known for? To climb. The park offers four different climbing courses. These differ in height, so there is a suitable course for every age.

To climb and clamber for two hours at Klimpark Streekbos, children up to 12 years old pay 17 euros, children and adults over 13 years old pay 20 euros.

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