Goalkeeper Jehovah Mendes is the great hero of Germanicus

After regular playing time the score was 3-3 and penalties had to decide the cup match between Germanicus and PKC ’83. The first four ‘pings’ went in on both sides. Goalkeeper Jehovah Mendes then became the great hero of Germanicus by knocking the fifth penalty kick from Fabian de Vries of PKC ’83 out of his goal in cat-like fashion.

The teammates of Mendes, who has Angolan roots and has DJing as a hobby in addition to football, threw themselves over the goalkeeper with enthusiasm, drunk with joy. After the first crazy scenes, Mendes returned to the normal world for a while. “I really enjoy being important to our team,” the robust closing post beamed from ear to ear. “The first four penalties were untenable, but fortunately I chose the right angle for the fifth penalty.”

Short sleeves

The penalty shootout was the absolute apotheosis of a hectic football battle that started in the second half. In the first half, Germanicus seemed unable to cope with the experienced first division player from Groningen. The players of PKC ’83, who almost all played coolly with short sleeves despite the cold and rain, seemed to distance themselves from the team from Coevorden during that period, together with the Germanicus football players who mainly played with long sleeves. In a somewhat dull atmosphere – there was little encouragement due to the small number of supporters and fireworks were only visible at the ‘Pampert’ sports complex in the lively final phase.

After half an hour of play, the battle seemed to have already been decided in favor of PKC ’83. Midfielder Willem Bel was more than happy to fall over the outstretched leg of Germanicus defender Abdallah Tsatsajeva, after which the excellent leading referee Jasper Ottens resolutely pointed to the spot. At Germanicus they thought it was a ‘Schwalbe’, but Bel thought differently. “I was definitely hit,” Bel said. The penalty was then resolutely shot by top scorer Ron Schokker: 0-1.

Shining with pride

Less than ten minutes later, Bel scored the second goal for PKC ’83, after which the battle seemed to be over: 0-2. After the break, however, the game picture changed completely. Germanicus rolled up his sleeves and leveled within a few minutes thanks to two excellent points from Nance Hoogeveen: 2-2. Less than a minute later, Jeffrey Noordveld caused another setback for Germanicus by putting his team ahead again with a rock-hard headbutt: 2-3.

Germanicus went in search of the equalizer, but had to wait until five minutes into injury time for the reward in the form of a successful effort from Erwin Moddejongen: 3-3. A little later the party started at Germanicus because it made better use of the penalties. “This happens to us regularly,” disappointed coach Bert Vos of PKC ’83. Germanicus trainer Jan Wielink, always down-to-earth, beamed with pride. Fantastic how we came back,” said Wielink.

Germanicus-PKC ’83 3-3 (Germanicus wins after taking penalties)

Scoring: 23. Schokker (penalty kick) 0-1, 34. Bel 0-2, 60. Nance Hoogeveen 1-2, 62. Nance Hoogeveen 2-2, 63. Noordveld 2-3, 90. Moddejongen 3-3.

Yellow card: Kain Hoogeveen (Germanicus). Referee: Ottens.

Spectators: 150.

Germanicus: Mendes; Barelds, Mud Boy, Tsatsayeva, Rotmensen and Smit; Van der Wetering, Van Dijk and Kain Hoogeveen; Kikkert (14. Uninge) and Nance Hoogeveen.

PKC ’83: Broekmans; Kelvin de Vries, Bootsma, Walstra (71. Gapilili), Noorveld and Albadawi; Vroom, Bel (77. Fabian de Vries) and Feenstra (90. Berends); Schreiber (77. Wilpstra) and Schokker.