Mohammed J. (26) from Den Bosch was arrested last Thursday. The Dutch-Moroccan kickboxer who fights at Glory is suspected of money laundering, drug and arms trafficking, among other things. According to De Telegraaf, he is on a death list because of a fight in the criminal environment. Various attacks in Den Bosch would have been aimed at him.

    The newspaper states that Mohammed J. is involved in a conflict over a stolen batch of cocaine. A number of warnings have been issued to him for this. His father’s former butcher shop on Kapelaan Koopmansplein in Den Bosch was twice the target of an attack. In July 2021, a hand grenade was thrown against the shop door.

    It was heavily damaged as well as several cars in the area. A second explosive device was also found at the store that had not exploded. Half a year later, February 2022, the butcher hit again. Although the store had just been sold by J.’s father, there were nine bullet holes in the door.

    It didn’t stop there. Shortly after these two attacks, a hand grenade also exploded at a gym on the Eendenkooi in Den Bosch. The Glory kickboxer trained here for some time. After this third ‘warning’ the fighter would have fled to Dubai.

    The Public Prosecution Service does not want to say anything about the case in the newspaper, other than that Mohammed ‘The Destroyer’ J. was arrested at home last Thursday.

    No comeback
    On February 11, the Bossche kickboxer would actually make his comeback in the ring after three years of absence. The match of ‘The Destroyer’ against Chris Wunn during Glory 83 in Essen, Germany seems to have been canceled due to J.’s arrest.

    Two weeks ago, the kickboxer talked about his return to the ring at Videoland. “There was a lot going on in my life,” he said during a Glory press conference about Rico Verhoeven. “Now I feel human again. You can expect a fierce man during my upcoming match. My style was already violent, but I will now raise a few more levels.”

    A spokesperson for Glory says they have been informed about the arrest of their fighter. “But have not seen any official charges to date,” says a spokesperson for the organization. “He will not participate in Glory 83 in Essen until further notice. We continue to monitor the situation and await further details from the authorities.”

    The kickboxer was brought before the examining magistrate last Tuesday, reports The Telegraph. His pre-trial detention was then extended by two weeks. On February 1, Mohammed J. must appear before the court, which then decides whether he will stay in jail longer. The fighter is on disability which means he can only have contact with his lawyer.


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