Gloria on Rai 1: second episode plot, cast, Sabrina Ferilli

Sabrina Ferilli just returned to Rai 1 with the TV series Glory has shown what it’s made of by placing yet another episode of the show below in the ratings Big Brother, which has now kept the public company for five months. The first episode of fiction by Fausto Brizzi which tells the world of cinema seen from the eyes of a diva in crisis has achieved the 4 million viewers.

“Gloria”: the clip from the Rai series with Sabrina Ferilli, a capricious diva

How will he fare in the second episode (tonight at 9.30pm on Rai 1 at 9.30pm) Glory? The actress’s decision to implement the Agent Manlio’s diabolical planthat is, pretending to be ill in the eyes of the media to try to recover the notoriety lost for years, will it bear fruit? Meanwhile, Gloria gets closer to her ex-husband Alex.

Glory: where were we

Manlio (Massimo Ghini) did everything to convince the actress to pretend to be ill for just a month, time to grab some attention from the media, social media and the world of entertainment. Gloria accepted, despite her deep feelings of guilt. After the official announcement of the disease, the attention of brother Sergio (Luca Angeletti)of her ex-husband Alex (Sergio Assisi) and his daughter Emma they’re all about her. Only Iole (Emanuele Grimalda), the only one who knows the truth together with the manager, is strongly conflicted. Will she be able not to confess that damned secret to someone? Meanwhile the photo of Glory (Sabrina Ferilli) taken in the hospital went viral on social media.

In this absurd and morally unworthy affair, the protagonist he rediscovers the affection of his family and fans, but it puts him at risk her daughter’s future, who gives up an interview with a music producer in London after learning of her mother’s (fake) illness. Manlio’s plan seems to be starting to bear fruit: Carlo Conti invites the actress to the wedding ceremony Donatello’s David where he will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award. His story is touching the world of entertainment. However, the castle of lies could crumble at any moment.

Glory: the plot of the second episode

Social media is going crazy And Gloria asks for Gabriele’s help (Eugenio Franceschini), a social manager who first helps the actress, then blackmails her heavily together with Lucilla (Fiorenza D’Antonio)the young actress that Manlio has started seeing and who has suspicions about the diva’s illness.

Gloria is tormented by guilt and wants to put an end to his charade, but the fear of losing Alex again (i two got back together) and Emma it makes her retrace her steps. The diva ends up ruining her brother Sergio’s wedding with your partner Philip (David Sebasti) after the announcement of the worsening of his health condition. In short, this lie is destroying the lives of those around Gloria.

Sabrina Ferilli and Sergio Assisi. (Rai press office)

Sabrina Ferilli in the new film by Paolo Virzì Another Ferragosto

This is a special period for Sabrina Ferilli. After the fiction Glorythe Roman actress is also about to return to the cinema: 28 years later Mid-August holidays by Paolo Virzì, who saw her as the protagonist in 1996, arrives in cinemas (from 7 March) Another Ferragostoa sequel still signed by Virzi.

On the island of Ventotene, the Molino and Mazzalupi families return to life. Both are in turmoil. The first because Altiero, son of Sandro (Silvio Orlando) and Cecilia (Laura Morante), decides to gather a few old friends around his sick father for one last carefree holiday.

The second why Sabrydaughter of Ruggiero (the late Ennio Fantastichini), is about to marry Cesare. The clumsy little girl has become an internet celebrity.

Sabrina Ferilli puts Marisa’s clothes back onmarried to at the time Marcellus (Pierto Natoli, also deceased). In the sequel the woman shows up with her new partner played by Christian De Sica. The two families will face each other once again Mid-August.