Gloria Dubner: “I am grateful to the public that first grade gave me the instruction”

“I am grateful to the public that in first grade gave me the instruction and all the support of conicet”, she affirmed Gloria Dubnerrecognized by NEWS for her work among women astronomers, with international significance as one of the 10 most outstanding personalities of 2022.

A life dedicated to research, scientific dissemination and the fight for gender equality in Argentine science. This and much more is what distinguishes the doctor in Physical Sciences from the National University of La Plata, Dubner, at the time former director of the Institute of Astronomy and Space Physics (IAFE) dependent on National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) and the National University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

dubner He obtained in 2006 the University of Buenos Aires Award for the Dissemination of Educational Content, and he even has an asteroid named after him due to his research in the field: the “9515 1975RA2″, which is now (9515) Dubner.

named Outstanding Personality of Sciences by the Legislature of the City of Buenos AiresGloria is also Vice President of the Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences.

The supernova remnant specialist led the project that made it possible to obtain the most accurate image achieved to date of the Crab Nebula, using the 27 antennas of the Very Large Array Telescope, in 2017. The celestial object located about 6,500 light years away from Earth and formed from the remains of a supernova (the powerful and luminous explosion of a star), emits a night glow that had already been detected by Chinese and Arab astronomers in the middle of the distant XI century.

Characteristics that make this nebula unique had been predicted theoretically, but the team Dubner managed to portray her with great definition.

In addition to being one of the largest Argentine representatives in the field of astrophysics, dubner continues to carry out tireless work towards the inclusion of women in academic disciplines related to mathematics, engineering, technology and science, a field that has historically been dominated by men.

low profile, dubner has achieved international significance like few others.

Photos: Ernesto Pages, Pablo Cuarterolo, Sergio Piemonte and Marcelo Silvestro

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