Glee star Matthew Morrison got the starting passes from the TV show

Actor Matthew Morrison is in the midst of a stir.

Matthew Morrison is best known for his success series Glee. AOP

An actor familiar from the Glee series Matthew Morrison, 43, announced last weekend that he was leaving So You Think You Can Dance. Morrison had time to serve as a judge in early filming.

– It was a great honor to be a judge for the So You Think You Can Dance program. That’s why I’m really sorry to have to let you know I’m leaving the program, Morrison tells Variety magazine.

More details on the reason for the departure have now been clarified.

An anonymous source from the production tells People magazine that Morrison was fired from the series because she had an “inappropriate relationship with a female competitor”.

Morrison’s inappropriate messages brought the starting passes from the TV series. AOP

According to the source, it wasn’t an intimate relationship, but Morrison sent flirtatious private messages on social media to one of the series’s competitors.

– He found the comments uncomfortable and told the production about it, after which the Fox production company intervened. They began to investigate the matter, after which Morrison was fired, the source says.

The source adds that Morrison and the female competitor did not meet outside of the filming. Only messages crossed the line.

Representatives of Morrison and the production company have not yet commented on the matter.

Mattew Morrison came to the attention of the general public about his role in the Glee musical series. In the series, from 2009 to 2015, he presented teacher Will Schuester. Morrison has also toured with the TV series Num3rot and CSI: Miami.

In addition, Morrison is known for his roles on Broadway.

Morrison has two children with his wife Renee Puenten37, with.

Matthew Morrison and Renee Puenten told each other I want 2014. AOP

Source: People, CTV