The Frenchman scored in 14 matches with the Rossoneri: all won. Pioli resizes the case of the substitution: “We talked about it and we clarified it, I can’t wear it out, Napoli is on Sunday”

    One man, one sentence. With this we arrived at an altitude of fourteen and the happy pairing continues. Fourteen as the number of matches in which Giroud scored for the Rossoneri (18 goals), or the same matches in which Milan won. “Oly” scores, the Devil gets the three points: do you like the equation? A lot to him even if at the end of the match, even with a smile, all those who would see him needing to catch his breath lie: “I’m a bit disappointed about the substitution, but it’s normal, I’m very competitive. I understood that the coach wanted to rest me. but I always want to be on the pitch. It’s my passion and I always want to play, I want to do it to help the team. ” Thirty-six years (in a few days) on the identity card, twenty in the approach to work: an irreducible enthusiast. Among other things, Pioli himself on the eve, precisely on Oly’s speech to forced labor, had replied as follows: “He is happy to always play … Much less when I take him off”. Precisely.

    The last six

    Then, after the match, the coach replied as follows: “We talked about it and we understood each other. I couldn’t think of wearing him out. Very well that a player always wants to play, but he also knows very well that I have to do my job.” Observed from the outside, obviously the choice of the technician is flawless. On Sunday evening Napoli arrives and there is a need to defend the leadership in the standings in a match where the Frenchman will be, for a change, the owner at the center of the attack. Lack of alternatives, even if you want to resort to them: Rebic and Origi will return only after the break – hopefully – and De Ketelaere can play the center forward, but an emergency solution remains. It is one thing to do it in the Belgian league, another in the Champions League or in Serie A. Giroud will be on the field again on Sunday in what is his second specialty. If the first is the talisman – when he scores, AC Milan win -, the other is the serial laborer. Against Napoli Oly will be the starter for the sixth time out of eight seasonal matches. And let’s talk about the last six lined up. But on the other hand, last minute he had played all the last eighteen games from the first minute. Many things have changed since he arrived as deputy Ibra.

    First smile (to Milan)

    Among other things, Milan, lost Kessie and without Ibra, found a super penalty taker. Olivier’s statistics show that in the clubs the Frenchman has scored 17 penalties out of the 20 taken. But the three wrong ones date back to the mists of time: two with Montpellier and one with Arsenal in 2012. From then on, always on target. This time under the eyes of the Spanish referee Manzano, the one who – speaking of penalties – refereed the crazy night with Rio Ave. This was the first goal in the Champions League with the Rossoneri shirt for Giroud, who last year was dry , without being able to honor the ranks of European champion. “The Champions is the most beautiful competition of all. We want to overcome the groups. We are doing well, but we are very calm and serene. We need calm and trust.”