Giro d’Italia Women 2024, stages and blockhouse, with RCS Sport

Qalmost 12 thousand meters of altitude difference, an individual time trial, two flat stages, three medium mountain stages and two high mountain stages with two high altitude finishes: this is the menu, tasty for cycling enthusiasts of the Giro d’Italia Women 2024the first organized by RCS Sport, starting on 7 July from Brescia and ending in L’Aquila on the 14th of the 2024 edition of

Giro d'Italia Women, from Brescia to L'Aquila: starting on 7 July 2024

Giro d’Italia Women 2023, from Brescia to the climbs in the name of Alfonsina Strada

As Giusy Virelli, Giro d’Italia Women Project Manager, explained, «we have studied a race that can offer opportunities to all athletes. Let’s start with a time trial long enough to create gaps in terms of the general classification. After stages that will see the sprinters and stage hunters as protagonists, the terrible final triptych will arrive in Abruzzo with over 3600 meters of altitude difference on the day of the Blockhaus”. In short, it will be a continuously growing ride, with the highest climb of the race on the “Cima Alfonsina Strada“, established in memory of the cyclist who took part in the men’s Giro d’Italia of 1924.

Italian women’s cycling, there is more than the race

It will be «a week of the highest level for Italian women’s cycling» and also «an important vehicle for send messages that go beyond the concept of sport», as explained by Urbano Cairo, President of RCS MediaGroup. Messages of empowerment, fight against gender discrimination and against violence against women. It is no coincidence that the event, like the Giro d’Italia and the Giro Next Gen, will support Red Shoe, Association on the front line against gender violence, whose distinctive symbol is the “red benches”, located in numerous Italian regions.

The Italy of the Giro Women, from Brescia to Abruzzo

Not only that: the Giro d’Italia Women, like every Giro d’Italia, will also be an opportunity to talk about our country, remembers Barbara Mazzali, Councilor for Tourism, Territorial Marketing and Fashion of the Lombardy Region. «Starting from Brescia, “embraced” by its Lake Garda and surrounded by its hills of Franciacorta in Sirmione and Sabbioneta”. We continue across the Po Valley and then through the Apennines until reaching San Marino, Urbino, Foligno and Chieti up to the final mountain stages.

Fabiana Luperini, winner of five editions of the Giro d’Italia Women, the first in ’95, the last in 2008.

A Giro d’Italia Women in crescendo, with a very tough finish

The presentation event of the Giro d’Italia Women was inaugurated by two great athletes of the recent past. And that is Marta Bastianelli, world champion in 2007 and European champion in 2018. And Fabiana Luperini, winner of five editions of the Giro d’Italia Women, who made no secret that she would have loved this tour very much. «For what my characteristics were, I would have loved such a harsh ending. Cross-country athletes will have an advantage: the real tour will take place in the three final stages. I am convinced that whoever wins on the Blockhaus will most likely be the winner of the Giro.”