Giro d’Italia, Filippo Zana his hobbies and passions: farm, animals, zero social

The grandparents of the Vicentino ran a restaurant, as soon as he can he returns to his Piovene Rocchette to be in the midst of the thing he likes best: nature. How did he start him? On his sister’s bike

Before Filippo Zana, Piovene Rocchette (Vicenza) was known for two things: the woolen mills and the breweries. Even his grandparents had one, up until a few years ago: Filippo’s mother and aunt also worked at the tables, while he ran in circles on his bicycle. It was there that a family friend saw him and took him with him to the village team. From there to winning a stage in the Giro d’Italia the road was still very long, but Zana followed a precise philosophy: one step after another, never overdo it.