Girlfriends sing for sick Four Days Marches fan José: “Darling, you’ll be there again next year”

A group of participants of the Alkmaar Walking 4 Days sings at the top of their lungs for their birthday friend José. The birthday boy Jet is not there himself this year. “She has cancer and can’t participate because her arms and legs hurt too much. This is a tribute.”

The first day of the four-day hike started today in the early morning sun. This time on the route: the polder, the forest and the beach. And Bergen was the festive center.

The 2,500 walkers could catch their breath there with music and some shade. There we also speak to José’s girlfriends, a real Four Days Marches fan.

In the report you can see these and more go-getters who started this morning at the Grote Kerk in Alkmaar. And did you know that you can listen to a special podcast during all those tens of kilometers?

NH News reports extensively on this 15th edition of the Wandel4daagse from today to Saturday, with daily videos and a live broadcast on the last day. On that Saturday we will be live at the finish at Waagplein from 13:30 to 14:30. This broadcast is made possible in part by organizer Le Champion.