Giorgia and that kiss between Emanuel Lo and Cuccarini

THEthe second evening of Friends of Maria De Filippi gave the audience a moment of great passion: a performance by Lorella Cuccarini and Emanuel Lo. A moment that the two dancers made really sensual. And that led to the comments of their respective partners Silvio Testi (husband of Cuccarini) and Giorgia (companion of the dancer and choreographer).

The kiss between Emanuel Lo and Lorella Cuccarini

Among the various performances that accompanied the second episode of Maria De Filippi’s talent show there was one that was really much talked about. The dance between Emanuel Lo and Lorella Cuccarini on the notes of Feline thrill Of Mina and Adriano Celentano.

A hot performance finished with a passionate kiss. If the same landlady, Maria De Filippi, made fun of with a “What a scandal!”, immediately afterwards it was the dancers themselves who commented on their social networksby publishing a shared post.

Giorgia: “This matter of the glove is getting a bit out of hand…”

«On Mina’s birthday we wanted to give you a fiery glove on the notes of Feline thrill. For the record, don’t worry! Giorgia and Silvio enjoyed themselves“, they wrote.

The reference is to gauntlet, with which the professors of the program usually challenge each other. The theme of this gauntlet, in particular, was “homage to Italian music”. And the final references, however, are precisely to Cuccarini’s husband Silvio Testi and Emanuel Lo’s partner, Giorgia.

The singer, who returned to the Sanremo Festival this year after 22 years, commented on her partner’s performance. “This thing about the glove is getting a little out of hand. But you are so good that one can only applaud you!».

Giorgia and the commitments after Sanremo

After Sanremo, Giorgia confided in Mara Venier that she had had a difficult two years. «During the two awful years we’ve been through, I’ve settled down a bit. It wasn’t easy to put the pieces back together, when you go on stage it’s a great act of courage, in my opinion. I look like a fighter, but if I throw myself down I do it right».

“Singing has always been a natural thing for me. I couldn’t find a decent street that could be honest to the public. Either give something different or it is better to keep quiet».

Sanremo arrived thanks to exceptional persuasion of Amadeus. «He pointed out to me how I could have lived this experience, with the baggage I brought with me, in a different way than I did when I was twenty, with a different responsibility also towards myself. It was a bit of a re-encounter with the public and I totally questioned myself».

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Speaking of questioning yourself, Giorgia will soon debut as an actress in the new film by Rocco Papaleo, Forgot (at the cinema on April 13). Then in May off to tour in the opera houses of Italy