Gianni Morandi at Sanremo 2024 guest on the third evening: what he will do

Announced by Amadeus it will be on Thursday evening after the host’s phone call

Riccardo Cristilli

Gianni Morandi guest a Sanremo 2024 on the evening of Thursday 8 February. Amadeus’s latest Sanremo Festival has increasingly transformed into a farewell party with friends who have accompanied him over the course of the various editions, flocking to say goodbye.

gianni morandi returns to sanremo

Co-host last year alongside Amadeus for all 5 evenings, Gianni Morandi in 2022 he finished third with the song Open all the Doors. In short, the singer who will turn 80 next December is very attached to the Festival. She conducted it twice in 2011 and 2012, not counting the 7 participations as a singer, winning it with We can give more with Enrico Ruggeri and Umberto Tozzi. In recent days Gianni Morandi, always very active on social media, has shared some photos during the evenings while watching the Friend Amadeus Festival. And his participation in Sanremo 2024 came precisely in the name of friendship. After Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the audience in the first evening, another veteran from the last edition of Sanremo will arrive at the Ariston. During the last edition, his exit from the stage with the broom after the chaos of the roses destroyed by Blanco on stage was memorable. To the point that this year the broom is among the Fantasanremo bonuses.


Amadeus said he phoned everyone, including Jovanotti who however has just returned from the operation after falling on his bicycle, precisely to transform his last Sanremo into a big party. Last for the moment because who knows, maybe in a few years he might decide to try again. Gianni Morandi he was free and willingly accepted, happy to find Amadeus again and to meet the different singers he had already appreciated on the first evening of the festival.

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Born in Monghidoro in the province ofthe Bologna in 1944 he is the son of a cobbler and a housewife, Clara Eleonora Lorenzi. When he was very young he worked in a cinema and in a shop with his father. He made his debut in 1962 with I was going at a hundred miles an hour a song written by an emigrant in France. It comes out the same year Have your mother send you to get milk and his career can be said to have definitively exploded. A great running enthusiast, he loves to keep fit, he has participated in the New York marathon three times as well as running in those of Berlin, London and Paris. He is a big Bologna fan so he composed the anthem with Luca Carboni, Lucio Dalla and Andrea Mingardi. He married twice, the first to Laura Efrikian with whom he had his daughter Serena (who died eight hours after giving birth), Marianna in 1969 and Marco. In 2004 he marriedcurrent partner Anna after years of cohabitation and their son Pietro born in 1997.