03/18/2023 at 16:27


    Resting well is essential for good health

    Sleeping straight is restorative for the body and mind

    One of the most important things to enjoy good health is have a good rest. sleep at least 8 hours a day It is essential to be healthy and have a good quality of life. The rest we have while we sleep is restful for our body in every way: mental, physical and emotional.

    Poor sleep is a burden for our day to day. Sometimes a person can suffer from apnea or insomnia that prevent you from having a restful sleep, in these cases, It is always best to see a specialist doctor to treat these diseases.

    1. However, many times the origin of our Lack of sleep comes for bad habits either milder symptoms against which we can fight. If you have a hard time falling asleep or wake up frequently during the night, you’d better try these Tricks to get a good night’s sleep:light dinner and control fluid intake to avoid going to the bathroom.
    2. just relax before going to bed.
    3. Check if the mattress and pillow are in good condition.
    4. Avoid take Naps long lasting.
    5. Create a good environment around your room.
    6. Avoid take coffee or substances that wake you up like tea.
    7. Avoid using electronics devices just before sleep.
    8. Beam exercise.
    9. try control your breath to relax.
    10. sets the same routine when you go to sleep