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    Status: 07/31/2022 10:12 a.m

    Almost 90,000 fans will follow the final of the European Football Championship in Wembley Stadium. Hosts England meets Germany in the dream final. Everything about the final here in the live blog.

    The game has already kicked off 6 p.m. The first broadcasts live from 5:05 p.m. The game can also be seen in the stream at

    National coach Hansi Flick was “totally enthusiastic” about the performances of the German women’s national team in England. “The way they play football is just fun. You can tell they are full of passion, they embody great team spirit,” said Flick on the sidelines of the Supercup between cup winners RB Leipzig and FC Bayern Munich.

    He wishes the team the title in the final, said Flick, who will also travel to London. “The enthusiasm that is currently there is just beautiful. I hope that it will continue, also in the women’s Bundesliga,” emphasized the former Bayern coach.

    “You still have to take one last big step and we are sure you will take it,” said a letter from the German men’s national team to the team of national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg and published by the German Football Association on Saturday evening Captain Alexandra Popp. In it, “your boys from the other team” express their pride in making it to the final and their performances at the European Championship so far.

    The final day begins for the German footballers in the noble quarters in a former noble residence in Watford northwest of London without being woken up together. “It’s an individual breakfast. There are players who get up earlier, there are players who like to sleep longer,” reported vice-captain Svenja Huth before the final.

    In contrast to the previous tournament games, the day does not last quite as long for the DFB women, who previously played three hours later. “Then there will be a short walk and an activation,” said Huth as the day progressed. “Lunch together. Put your feet up again and then go full throttle to the stadium.” The teams have to be at Wembley an hour and a half before kick-off.

    Good morning to all fans of the German team. Here we report today on all the news and developments until the final at 6 p.m. Yesterday, i.e. on Saturday evening, there was final training in Wembley. “The stadium is impressive even when empty. The anticipation is very, very great,” said vice-captain Svenja Huth.

    National coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg also found the feeling of being able to play at Wembley overwhelming. “I was sitting in my hotel room this morning with my back against my bed and I was like: Wow! That’s really true. And when we just got here and I saw this stadium: Yes! It’s true,” she said the final press conference on Saturday.

    Wembley is a myth for football fans. The final of the European Championship is the fourth final of a major international tournament in England’s national stadium.

    • In 1966 the “Three Lions” won their first and so far only important title by beating Germany 4:2 in the final of the World Cup. Geoff Hurst’s controversial goal to make it 3-2 went down in history as the ‘Wembley goal’.
    • 30 years later, Oliver Bierhoff secured Germany the European Championship title with his “golden goal” in extra time. The Czech Republic was defeated 2-1. In the semifinals, Germany defeated England (also at Wembley) on penalties.
    • In 2021, Italy won the European Championship title at Wembley Stadium after beating hosts England on penalties.

    The record so far speaks clearly for the DFB selection. First of all, Germany lost to the British in a major tournament.

    The final not only decides who wins the title, but also who becomes the top scorer. Alexandra Popp and Beth Mead have each scored six times. So far, only Inka Grings has managed to do that at a European Championship finals.