After elimination in the group stage, the coach relaunched: “I want to work with the group”. Muller towards farewell to the national team

    “Absolute Catasphrophe”. The German media, in the heat, do not mince words. “The myth of the emblematic team of the World Cup has vanished once and for all” alluding to Germany’s historic ability to get to the bottom of the most important and prestigious competition. Now we have to deal with the second consecutive elimination in the group stage (the same in Russia 2018), but coach Hansi Flick does not seem at all willing to fold. At least that’s what he told the network Ard clarifying that: “My coaching team and I did a good job, we prepared the team well, but it wasn’t enough”.


    However, the elimination didn’t materialize today, but in the 20 minutes against Japan. The disappointment is huge, but the base is there, the players also need to be developed, I want to work with the group, but the decision about my future doesn’t depend on me”. Of course, but Flick doesn’t really think about resigning. In the meantime, he snaps among the players the stampede towards the hotel, perhaps also driven by a mad desire to go home, leaving everything behind. Laconic Muller: “A real disaster. It’s incredibly bitter for us because our result would have been enough. It’s a feeling of impotence”, then letting some supporters understand that they are at farewell pace with the national team. “We have to examine our consciences” added Havertz, who scored twice.