German police arrest two men during search for fugitive RAF members

German police arrested two men during a large-scale mission in Berlin-Friedrichshain on Sunday morning. Two fugitive members of the Red Army Faction (RAF), a far-left terrorist organization that murdered a total of 33 people between 1970 and 1998, were the target of the search, police confirmed opposite Die Welt.

It is not yet known whether Ernst-Volker Staub (70) and Burkhard Garweg (55) have actually been arrested. The identity of the detainees has yet to be established by taking their fingerprints.

What is certain is that the police did not want to leave anything to chance during the search. About 130 officers were involved in the search. According to Die Welt Shots were also fired during the arrests, but no one was injured.

The large-scale search follows half a week after Daniela Klette (65) was arrested in Berlin-Kreuzberg after living there under an assumed name for decades. Like Klette, Staub and Garweg belonged to the third generation of RAF members. They are suspected, among other things, of a major bomb attack on a prison in Weiterstadt that had not yet opened at that time in 1993.

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