Geolier at Sanremo 2024, who is the rapper who sings in Neapolitan

“I p’ me, tu p’ te” is the song not in Italian, but in dialect, which arrives at the Italian Song Festival

Patrizia Chimera

It had never happened before: one song entirely in Neapolitan dialect arrives on the Ariston stage. It will happen at Sanremo Festival 2024with Geolier who will present his song I’m for me, you’re for you. For the rapper “singing in Neapolitan at the Ariston is already a victory, but singing in Neapolitan at the Eurovision would be making history”.

Who is geolier

Emanuele Palumboaka Geolier, is a rapper born in Naples, in the Secondigliano district, on March 23, 2000. He grew up with the music of Co’Sang, Club Dogo, Michael JacksonNas e Rocco Hunt, begins to become a protagonist in the world of music thanks to freestyle competitions. His stage name derives from the French word “geôlier”, which in Italian means jailer, the nickname with which some people call the inhabitants of the Neapolitan neighborhood where he grew up.

His debut album is from 2019simply titled Emmanuel. In 2020 Geolier releases the single Firein collaboration with Neves17 and Lele Bladebut also Let’s go to the bank, in which he sings alongside Samurai Jay and Lele Blade. Later she collaborates with Shablo, Sfera Ebbasta, Gué Pequeno, Anna Tatangelo, Shiva and Lazza. It came out in August of the same year Narcosmade with Lazzawhile in September he collaborates on three songs on the album Good morning Of Gigi D’Alessio.

Between 2021 and 2022 there will be many other collaborations by the Neapolitan artist. The singles will be released in 2022 Chiagne And Money and in January 2023 the second studio album, The courage of childrenin which he collaborates with Sfera Ebbasta, Shiva, Michelangelo, Paky, Guè and Lele Blade. The single single Everyday by Takagi & Ketra, in which the rapper collaborates with Shiva and Anna, debuts at the top of the Italian singles chart. 2024, however, begins with the collaboration with Michelangelo for the single Baby U Want Me by Vale Lambo.

Geolier at Sanremo 2024

The Neapolitan rapper arrives at Sanremo 2024 with a song in Neapolitan. And already the controversies have been served on a silver platter. Both for those who protest, why should it be the Italian song festival and not Neapolitan, both for dialect purists, who speak of a completely disfigured and ruined language.

Geolier goes straight on his way after Amadeus’ decision to make this “derogation”. And he is proud of his participation: “Singing in Neapolitan at the Ariston is already a victory. Singing in Neapolitan at the Eurovision would be making history.” His song is called I’m for me, you’re for you and it’s about a couple who love each other too much and don’t understand that it’s time to take back their space. Loving also means accepting when love ends, respecting each other, but also oneself.