GENOVEVA CASANOVA FEDERICO DENMARK | Mamarazzis: Genoveva Casanova and Prince Federico, a coincidence full of intention? News

According to the RAE, the chance It is the “combination of circumstances that cannot be foreseen or avoided.” The history What concerns us is full of coincidences. Some, yes, easily avoidable. But let’s get to the facts.. “Genevieve and Frederick of Denmark together, headlined the magazine Lecturas in this week’s big exclusive. “The future king visited her in Madrid and slept in his apartment”, read the subtitle. What a bomb!

On October 25, a random Wednesday, the heir to the Danish throne traveled alone to Madrid. Mary Donaldson was in the United States. She did it in a way privatewithout escorts and without the pomposity that he could have enjoyed for his status. The truly reason of his express trip to Madrid has not been officially given. According to the first version that we knew and that was offered to us by ‘Hola’ magazine, the prince wanted to visit the exhibition of Picasso from the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and Genoveva Casanova was in charge of accompanying him, replacing a friend of the heir who had fallen ill Covid. Chance?

The fact is that a paparazzi who usually tracks the area of ​​the El Retiro park Looking for familiar faces, he crossed paths with the couple while they were walking nearby and only recognized them. Genoveva. Chance? Quickly, she hid to do some Photographs with his companion, whose identity he did not know, and when he sent the material to his agency and they viewed the photographs there, the prince was discovered. Frederick of Denmark and the ex-wife of Cayetano Martínez de Irujothey entered her home after their walk and she stayed there waiting for the paparazzi to have more graphic tests of the meeting of both VIPS. Two more photographers joined the guard as soon as the ‘G3’ news agency became aware of the magnitude of the news. After spending two hours in the Genoveva’s residence -a small apartment of 150 square meters in the neighborhood of Los Jerome from the capital -, the strange couple went to a very well-known restaurant called ‘The Corral de la Morería’famous for offering shows Flemish. Around 1 in the morning, after enjoying her evening, they returned to her home again. They entered together, without hiding, two men accompanied them to the door. security members from the Danish embassy. The next morning, after spend the night A few hours, the heir to the Danish throne left his friend’s apartment and was picked up by a car and taken to Barajas airport, where he caught a flight to return to Copenhagen. All photographed and published.

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Let’s go with another coincidence. The publication of said report, last Tuesday, coincided with the State visit of Kings Felipe and Letizia to Denmark. The Danish Royal House, that same day, neither confirmed nor denied the information in ‘Readings’ and limited itself to “emphasizing our commitment to respect privacy of members of the royal family, including the crown prince”. Genoveva did show herself cutting through a forceful statement signed by their lawyers to “make it clear that there has never been a romantic relationship” between her and the prince and urged ‘Readings’ to publish a rectification urgently.

The fact is that Genoveva Casanova, known in some malicious circle as “Genoboba”, she always gets caught by the paparazzi. Girl, what bad luck have! It has taken us almost a year to have images of Paloma Cuevasyour ex-friend, with the singer Luis Miguelyour ex-boyfriend, and you were caught with him at four days Of relationship. Mario Benedetti wrote that wonderful phrase “We are a coincidence full of intention” and the Mamarazzis believe that this story fits like a glove.