Genoa, Zangrillo: “Stretcher? Some players pirouette like clowns”

I don’t know why VAR didn’t send a clearer image, but there’s no point in blathering: I took away the p… and this is the message I wanted to give. An acknowledgment of the error has come from the refereeing world, but I will clarify one thing: the Genoa players follow a code of ethics and if they simulate or pirouette like tarantolati, they are punished. This, however, does not happen in great teams: yesterday it happened and it was there for all to see. Barella is a footballer for the national team, but if he does seven pirouettes because Morten Frendrup, polite and calm, touches him after touching the ball it is clear that he is misleading the referee. We will make some considerations on the images that were missing.”

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