General elections 23-J / Puigdemont picks up the glove of Aragonès if it is “for independence”

Carles Puigdemont picks up the glove and underlines “I already said so”. The ‘ex-president’ of the Generalitat, in a tweet immediately after the appearance of the ‘president’ Aragonès in which he has proposed a front against the PP and Vox in Madrid, has recalled that his proposal has always been the unity of the pro-independence parties. Of course, to draw up a clear secessionist strategy. In the same sense, the general secretary of Junts, Jordi Turull, has spoken, willing to meet this Wednesday with Aragonès.

“This is what we have been asking for years: let’s meet, meet again and propose a shared strategy to the country as a whole” Puigdemont wrote, and warned:. “But for independence, of course. For other things, we don’t need to waste time“. For his part, the general secretary of Junts, Jordi Turull, has affirmed that if the hand extended by Aragonès is “sincere”, he is willing to meet with him “tomorrow”. And he has added, like Puigdemont: “Whenever either to advance towards independence” and to constitute a united front “to stop this Spain, the one of now and the one of before”.

An old controversy between Junts and ERC

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Aragonès’s appeal comes the day after he himself turull, after the meeting of the Junts executive, proposed again a joint list of the independence movement in the next general elections. An offer that Junts has been launching periodically, without success, and that in fact was one of the demands on the Government to maintain the unity of the coalition Executive, from which Junts finally came out arguing that ERC refused to comply with this and other points of the pact of governability, which already proclaims the need for a unity of political action in Congress and the Senate on the part of the independence movement.

Puigdemont and Turull’s response to Aragonès also closes the door to the ‘communs’, to whom the ‘president’ has also addressed, because they circumscribe the possible alliance to focus on a pro-independence strategy. Puigdemont, in a previous tweet, has also charged against the appeals to general elections that focus on stopping the PP and Vox. The ‘expresident’ argues: “the function of the independence movement is not to save Spain from its right. It is to save Catalonia from this Spain where Francoism survives.”