Gençlerbirliği 0-1 Bandırmaspor MATCH RESULT – SUMMARY – Last minute TFF 1st League news

Teksüt Bandırmaspor beat Gençlerbirliği 1-0 in the closing match of the 23rd week of Trendyol 1st League.

A fan who entered the field in the last part of the match played at Aktepe Stadium was caught by security forces and taken out of the stadium.

Teksüt Bandırmaspor, which won the league after two matches and made 36 points, rose to the 6th place.

Gençlerbirliği, under the management of coach Sinan Kaloğlu, could only get one point in the last 4 matches in the league. The capital representative, with 32 points, is in 9th place.


Metehan, who controlled the pass sent by Rahmetullah from the right wing in the 1st minute, shot from the right diagonal outside the penalty area and narrowly missed the post.

In the 15th minute, Jimmy Durmaz’s corner kick from the left wing was taken by Alperen, who rose in front of the goal and headed the ball. Alperen’s shot left the ball in the hands of goalkeeper Zafer.

In the 39th minute, Jimmy’s long pass collided with Mexer when goalkeeper Zafer moved away from the goal to control the ball in the penalty area. Yatabare responded to the ball falling outside the penalty area with a diagonal shot and the ball went out of bounds.

In the 45th minute, Metehan took the ball after Jimmy made a mistake in the midfield and entered the penalty area. Metehan’s shot from the right diagonal went into the round leather net. 1-0

In the 55th minute, Levent opened a cross from the right side of the penalty area, the ball bounced off the defense and fell in front of Metehan. Metehan passed the ball over the penalty arc to Rahmetullah, who was waiting on the right diagonal of the penalty area. Rahmetullah’s shot to the far post hit the post and returned to the game.

In the 71st minute, goalkeeper Ertuğrul sent the pass to the opponent’s half, and Yatabare put it in front of Kayode. Seeing the goal, Kayode touched the ball without falling to the ground, passed the goalkeeper and returned to the field of play from the side post.