Geldmaat mistakenly sends Aalsmeer retailers to Twente for cash deposits

A remarkable piece of advice addressed to shopkeepers in Aalsmeer: ​​at the spot on Praamplein where a deposit machine was installed until recently, there is now an A4 sheet with a referral to Twente. Aalsmeer residents who want to deposit cash in so-called seal bags will have to go to Hengelo, Delden or Borne next summer.

Praamplein Aalsmeer ATM temporarily out of use – Photo: Jan Dreschler

The striking advice was noticed by Aalsmateur Jan Dreschler, who, to his disappointment, was unable to go to the machine at the shopping center yesterday to withdraw money. “It was dismantled yesterday,” Dreschler tells NH.

In a column on Dreschler writes that the ATM in the nearby supermarket was also out of order. Ultimately, he managed to withdraw money from an ATM in Aalsmeer-Oost.

In a response under Dreschler’s column, Geldmaat calls the A4 sheet with the reference to Twente ‘painful’. It is obvious that this was a mistake, but it is not clear what exactly went wrong.

Geldmaat accidentally refers Aalsmeer pinners to Twente – Photo: Jan Dreschler

A Geldmaat spokesperson does know what’s going on. “This plate was used last year at a location in the Hengelo area,” she says about the metal plate with which the gaping hole was closed after the removal of the machine. “And the note accidentally got stuck.”

It is the second or third time that something like this has happened, the spokesperson says. “In Rotterdam, they were referred to Terneuzen. That is of course not the intention.”

In a few days, Aalsmeer residents will be able to tap flaps again on Praamplein, the spokesperson promises. Moreover, private individuals can also deposit banknotes at that machine. “There was a need for an additional location for this.”


And the Aalsmeer retailers? They will soon be able to deposit their daily turnover in their own village again: “The seal bag machine will also return, which has been removed due to the work.”