Gastronomy: get to know the Mar del Plata restaurant that makes you feel in Spain

With exclusive flavors of traditional cuisine, the Mar del Plata Cantabrian restaurant It is celebrated for its respect for the characteristics and atmosphere of traditional cuisine, the variety of fish and seafood in its dishes, and the quality of its products.

His entrepreneur, a Castilian young man named Joaquin, arrived in Argentina in 1952 to enter the world of gastronomy. Thus, in 1957, he opened the doors of his premises in what is today the unmistakable façade of the project, frequented by important figures in the country. His wife Comfortyour son Jose Luis and his nephew Roberto Montenegro -current owner of the restaurant- were participants in the opening.

Festival of flavors: Cantabrian specialties

Some specialties of the house are the classic garlic prawns, using the highest quality products in each dish, the seafood casseroles, the Galician-style Spanish octopus and in olive, La Vera paprika and natural potatoes, Lyonnaise-style calamari and the exclusive dish Cantabrian Conchiglionimade from an Italian pasta filled with prawn, brie cheese and a saffron sauce with gratin parmesan.

Also, they have a paella dedicated to Mirtha Legrand, one of the celebrities who populate their tables and who give their names to some of their dishes. Among them: Graciela Borges, godmother of the premises and co-habiting with her son, Juan Cruz Bordeu, and her granddaughter, María Jesús.

The natural Borges prawns with olive and green pepper are another of the restaurant’s featured dishes. Scallops Osvaldo Gross is named in honor of his great friend and beloved pastry chef, writer, professor and geochemist. At the same time, it has Casablanca, a restaurant on the beach in Alicante, seaward of safe Spain, where saffron threads and Spanish sardines are brought in every year.

Gastronomy: get to know the Mar del Plata restaurant that makes you feel in Spain

From traditional Mar del Plata cuisine to a classic Spanish style

Another detail that refers to the traditional cuisine of Mar del Plata is the setting of the premises in the classic spanish style. Talavera de la Reina plates and vases brought from Toledo; porcelain from Lladró, from Valencia; a mural designed by Fillini, paintings by Benito Quinquela Martín, and many more details. “What I want is for people to feel, for a few moments, in Spain”Roberto commented.

Finally, what added points to the Cantabrian is the Quality of the products used and the attention of the staff who have always supported its daily work as members of a family.

The Cantábrico Restaurant is located in the Juan B Justo Avenue at 1782. For more information visit Instagram: @cantabricorestaurant or consult by phone at 2236830878.

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