Garbage collector arrested in Rome: he drugged and raped three women

At least three victims, videos of the violence on his smartphone

Riccardo Cristilli

– Rome

A man of 59 year old was arrested in Rome on charges of sexual violence and dissemination of sexually explicit images and videos. After the arrest, horrifying videos of the violence committed against at least three women were found on the garbage collector’s cell phone.

garbage collector arrested for sexual assault

The accusation against the man refers to three crimes committed in the provinces of Rome and Viterbo in Riano, Mazzano Romano and Capranica, in a period between September 2022 and January 2023. The 59-year-old man first drugged his victims, then raped them while they were helpless, making videos which he kept on his smartphone and then disseminated them, it seems to some friends, to comment on them in violent and dismissive ways.

videos on your smartphone

The investigations began after one of the victims reported that she had been lured by the man through social media. The woman said in the complaint that she had met the garbage collector on social media, of chatting with him for a while, then inviting him to his house for a romantic evening. The next day, however, the woman realized that she didn’t remember anything of what happened, deciding to be examined at the San Pietro hospital in Rome. At that point came the shocking discovery: the woman had been drugged and raped. Through the information provided by the woman, the investigators traced the rapist, found in the Casilino neighborhood of Rome while he was at the home of a new partner. After arresting him and taking him to Regina Coeli, the investigators carried out a DNA sample and test to compare him with the elements they already had at their disposal.

the methods of violence

During the search of the man’s home, the police found a sedative-hypnotic drug that would have been used before the violence. Not only, Videos and images were found on the 59-year-old garbage collector’s smartphone of at least two other acts of violence which occurred in similar ways. These multimedia contents would have been shared with acquaintances of the man, further worsening his position. By analyzing the man’s chats with his victims, the investigators realized that the attacker, the day after the violence, tried to justify his lack of memory with unlikely explanations. The police are now trying to understand whether there may have been other cases of violence committed by the garbage collector in the same way.