Game already decided at half time: Schalke’s weakness away from home continues in Magdeburg

That was so unbelievable and brutally bad play from Schalke – especially in the first half! How can you let yourself be taken apart like that with a chain of five in your own third with vertical passes? How can you only attack the Magdeburg player with the ball when he is in your own 16? That was so incredibly bad!

Luckily, there was a rebellion in the second half, but it’s still not enough if you ignore your chances so carelessly. So you don’t earn any points.

Regarding the two penalty scenes: I personally found Schalke to be disadvantaged twice here. For me the penalty against Schalke was a clear can-penalty, leaning towards no penalty. So why is the ref sent out? Thought that only worked when there were clear wrong decisions? The first repetition made it clear to me that it was NOT a penalty. The 3rd repetition made Dan think it was a penalty. Then I ask myself: why is the referee ONLY shown the 3rd repetition?!

Then the scene where Lasme shoots the defender in the hand from 2m: for me that’s not a penalty either. The only problem is that such penalties have already been awarded in abundance by VAR.

You simply won’t get anywhere with these performances and actually you can’t fire the coach again now, since the successor will most likely not be able to do any better with this broken team anyway. However, I believe that Schalke could only manage Felix Magath with mounds and medicine balls. The team is broken and completely unsettled. I have my doubts that Karel is really the right coach in the current situation. I’m so sorry.

That being said, I think Schalke would probably be best served by relegation. If you don’t get down, the 193639th will come in the summer. Upheaval, the leading people will stay and nothing will change. Above all, there seem to be moles in leading positions. For me, relegation would mean that the club would have to be rebuilt in League 4 or 5. To achieve this, the entire management level will (or could) be overhauled. The club could heal from within. Competent leaders, a few players from the Knappenschmiede, a few from Belgium, the Netherlands, Scandinavia (these countries have so many interesting players in the low-price segment).

It hurts your heart to see Schalke so broken…