Sixteen convicts who were part of an illegal online gambling organization must repay 24 million euros to the state. This was determined by the judge on Tuesday. The three main suspects from Eindhoven and Geldrop have already been sentenced to prison terms for laundering millions of euros through illegal gambling sites that they ran. The 24 million euros that must now be paid are the profits made with illegal gambling sites.

    It revolves around the case codenamed ‘Rykiel’. The convicts were involved in an illegal online gambling organization for years. In 2018, the judge ruled that main suspect Stijn F. from Eindhoven had to go to jail for two years. The brothers Michel G. and Maurice G. from Geldrop were sentenced to two years and sixteen months respectively. All three also had to pay a fine of 100,000 euros.

    Criminal organization
    This case involves a total of 31 suspects, thirteen of which are companies. Other suspects (financial advisors, employees, a developer of game software, family members and partners and former partners of the main suspects) were also given community service or a suspended prison sentence in 2018. Most of the convicts filed an appeal.

    According to the court, many millions of euros were earned from crimes by offering illegal gambling and poker websites. According to the judge, there was a criminal organization. The three main suspects acted in violation of the Gambling Act for years.

    Illegal Profits
    After the convictions in 2018, the Public Prosecution Service has started proceedings to seize the profits that were obtained illegally. On Tuesday, the court ruled that sixteen convicts had indeed made illegal profit and that the money could be confiscated.

    Because this so-called ‘confiscation claim’ has taken a long time, the court applies a reduction of ten percent on the amount that the men have to hand over.

    The main suspects must pay more than 6.2 million euros, 2.5 million euros and 700,000 euros. The companies must pay a total of 13 million to the state. The partners, financial advisers and employees must also donate money.


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