Galeria “steps on the accelerator” at Retail Media

As already announced, Galeria is increasingly focusing on the retail media sector. Now the Essen-based department store group’s plans for digital advertising in physical and digital stores are becoming more concrete.

To this end, the company is expanding its collaboration with the Berlin-based Laya Group, a specialist in technology, data analytics and CRM solutions for retailers and brands, the partners announced on Thursday. Galeria has been working with its subsidiary Laya Media for the retail media sector since last year. The aim is to offer existing industry partners and external advertisers an “integrated and optimized 360-degree multi-channel media offering”.

Laya combines the available advertising space – store, brochure inventory, digital out of home, online, customer acquisition with email marketing and events as well as social media – into a comprehensive retail media offer for the department store group. For this purpose, Laya is also opening a second headquarters in Galeria’s Essen headquarters. Victor Cordes, previously responsible for digital out-of-home sales at Galeria, will also move to Laya with his team and lead the integrated Galeria marketing offering as Director Retail Media.

“By combining the competencies of Galeria and Laya, we are stepping on the accelerator in the retail media sector and will be able to offer our valued industry partners modern and data-based advertising services in the very short term,” said Jörg-Peter Schmiddem, Managing Director for Strategic Purchasing at Galeria. “We bring together the digital channels with our highly frequented POS areas in the best city center locations and help our suppliers achieve their advertising and marketing goals.”

Galeria has more than eight million members who have a customer card and more than 1,200 screens in its branches through which digital advertising is possible.