Galatasaray star Torreira became a cheerleader! Drums played in the stands

Star football player Lucas Torreira, who was added to the team by Galatasaray at the beginning of the season, took his place in the stands last Saturday evening to support IA 18 de Julio, the club where he took his first step into football and still headed by his father.

In the news of El Pais from Uruguay media compiled by Calendar, “The star player, who was in the Uruguay squad in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar but could not play, settled in his hometown Fray Bentos and did not miss the appointment.”

Torreira’s former team took a 4-0 win over Laureles. Experienced football player was not only delighted with the score. He had a great enthusiasm for 90 minutes with the fans. He shook his shirt, lit a flare. He even played the drums.