GALATASARAY NEWS – Referee reaction from Okan Buruk! Mertens’ goal is not awarded only in Turkey…

In the 20th week of Trendyol Super League, Galatasaray defeated Kayserispor 2-1.

While the yellow-reds continued their pursuit of the summit with a score of 51, Okan Buruk criticized the referee of the match after the match.


Okan Buruk: “It was a tough match. I was expecting a more comfortable match. We had to react after the Sivasspor match. We got too bored at times during the game, our players were not comfortable. Your opponent also won, and this creates pressure.


“We made it 2-0, but I don’t think the canceled goal would be awarded anywhere in the world. Only in Turkey, it wouldn’t be awarded. The referee was very close, I don’t think it was a foul. Referees make different decisions everywhere. If this is a foul, there will be 500 fouls in every match. VAR’ “If he does not return from the game, we need to question. We also need to question VAR.” he said.


“A huge amount of money is being paid to train the referees, but we cannot see any improvement. You are calling a foul for what Halil did. If they had done the same to Halil, would they have given a penalty? We are tired of this. We want to be fair.”

Stating that they have gone through difficult weeks, Okan Buruk said, “Especially in terms of fixtures, there are matches one after the other. We took part in this match with 7-8-9 missing players, including the players who went to the African Cup, the injured and suspended players. I never use these as excuses. There are player changes during the match.” Our hands are limited. We wanted to win from the beginning to the end of the game. We did not play a very good game, we played enough to win. We missed goals. I do not think the individual performances were high in attack. Mertens was one of the players who played well in attack. We made an individual mistake, an unlucky goal We conceded. We couldn’t match our own performance throughout the match. We created a lot of chances. We didn’t do the right things in most of the last decisions we made. It was very important to win. We need to go through these weeks winning. Last week, we conceded a goal from a penalty in the last 5 minutes. The pressure of the point we lost last week was also on the team. We saw it. In general, it is good to win. We need to do much better in the next match. Our players will return. Our options will increase. Sacha played without any training. Kaan was in pain, we used him as a left back and tried to do our best. It was beneficial for our young players after they joined. “Giving them time is one of the things that makes me happy,” he said.


Okan Buruk, referring to his team’s canceled goal in the first half of the match, said:

“I don’t think there was a foul in the canceled goal. If this is a foul, the name of football should be changed. There should be a foul in every match. It was a very critical goal, in which we scored 2-0. I couldn’t understand why the goal was cancelled. A warning could also have come from VAR. . Generally, there was no warning from VAR. There was a warning from VAR in the penalty position. I think the penalties given to both teams were correct. I think the referee used his discretion in favor of our opponent during the game, as in recent weeks. No one is happy with this. Despite everything, no matter what happens “We need to be better. The referee can also make mistakes, whether knowingly or unknowingly, we have to cross them all out and do better from now on. We have to do better without making excuses for anything.”


Stating that there is a fatigue on the players, Buruk said, “Last year, we finished the league in 38 matches. We will reach last year’s number at the end of this month. There is a fatigue on the players. In the past, we have seen the teams playing in the Champions League doing poorly in the league. We have reversed this. The Europa League.” We won the right to participate in the league, we are in the same race in the league. There have been deficiencies in our squad number in recent weeks. I think my players need to do better in terms of self-confidence. Zaha and Tete are the same way. I think they need to be more self-confident and think about the goal more. “Today, there were positions where Zaha remained on the line. His performance was better in the second half. I believe that my players will improve. In this sense, we need to support our players,” he said.


Buruk gave the following answer to the question about what he talked to the 4th referee in the position where he received a yellow card:

“I talked about the goal position. I saw it again in the clubhouse. A penalty would not have been given for this. I also think it was a foul. Different decisions are made in each stadium. Many teams are disturbed by this. We are not the only ones disturbed by this. The lack of a foul standard makes everyone unhappy. I hope it is good. “The number of VAR referees has also been increased. Last week, in our opinion, 3 clear penalty positions were not given. The same position was evaluated as a penalty in another stadium. I am not saying these as an excuse, but the same decisions should be made in every stadium. It draws the reaction of teams like us.”


Okan Buruk stated that they want to use Barış Alper Yılmaz up front and said, “Barış also plays well at left back. He was one of the best players for Galatasaray on the field. His contribution to the team was important. We will decide when it comes to midfield and attack. First of all, we want to evaluate the players we have. Regarding this, We will make a clearer decision in the coming weeks. The priority is left-back. We will decide depending on the separation situation. We have many good and valuable players. We have a very valuable squad. Galatasaray has invested. There are offers for many of our players. Accordingly, we will move forward regarding our own future. Midfield “And the behind-the-striker area is one of the places where we will decide. If there is a situation of selling a player, we can think of something in this sense from now on,” he said.


Buruk continued his words as follows:

“Every team can lose points. We lost points unluckily last week. Fenerbahçe could also lose points yesterday, we could lose again today. These point losses will happen from now on. Our goal is to win the remaining 18 matches. If you win, you become the champion. Last year, we played 14 matches in a row. We won. We want to catch up with this series. We continue in Europe. Our goal is to be successful in the Europa League. In addition, to become champions in Turkey. Both teams believe in the championship. We need to increase our energy after the match we won. We will have a difficult away game in Trabzon. Before that, there is the cup.”