GALATASARAY NEWS – Commemorative message from Galatasaray for Gündüz Kılıç!

Galatasaray Club published a commemoration message for the 42nd death anniversary of Gündüz Kılıç, one of the unforgettable football players and coaches.

In the message on the website of the yellow-red club, information was given about Gündüz Kılıç, who is known as “Father Gündüz” and has an important place in the history of the club.

In the message, ” Gündüz Kılıç, one of the legendary names of our club, who added himself to the spirit of Galatasaray, passed away exactly 42 years ago, on May 17, 1980. As one of the legendary footballers of Galatasaray Football Team and coaches who have achieved historical success, he is one of the legendary players of both Galatasaray and Galatasaray. We commemorate Gündüz Kılıç, who has an unforgettable place in the history of Turkish football, with respect and mercy on the 42nd anniversary of his death. it was said.