Galatasaray match statement from Fenerbahçe! – Last minute Fenerbahçe news

Fenerbahçe General Secretary and Board Member Burak Çağlan Kızılhan made a statement regarding the Galatasaray match.

Here is that explanation:

Based on what happened in just one week;

• On November 26, 2023, in the match our team played against VavaCars Fatih Karagümrük, the referees made wrong decisions in both Fenerbahçe’s 33rd minute and VavaCars Fatih Karagümrük’s 100% penalty positions in the 52nd minute.

• Immediately after our match ended, the club made a fuss as if a mistake was made only in favor of our team and Fenerbahçe won the match in this way, creating the perception that “Fenerbahçe is being watched over by the referees”.

• Our club, in response to the perceptions that were tried to be created regarding the penalties that were not given by our opponent and Fenerbahçe on Monday, November 27; He demanded that the VAR records of our match be disclosed, the VAR records of all matches be disclosed, and also stated that he was ready for the match to be played again.

• On the same day, before the matches of the week were completed, Turkish Football Federation Central Referee Board President Ahmet İbanoğlu made a statement through TFF official channels;

“As MHK, I would like to share with the public that we carefully monitor the referee performances every week and have decided to rest some of our referees until the end of the first half, and that we will act by taking these analyzes into consideration in the classification evaluations to be held at the end of December.” he said.

Following this statement, the impression was formed that the referees of the Fenerbahçe – VavaCars Fatih Karagümrük match would be rested; As a matter of fact, as of this week, both referees have not taken office so far.

At the point we have reached today;

Despite the opinion that exorbitant referee mistakes were made in the Siltaş Yapı Pendikspor-Galatasaray match played last night, the VAR referee of the match, Mustafa Teacheroğlu, served as the AVAR referee in the Trabzonspor-Mondihome Kayserispor match played today.

Despite all these events, Mustafa Teacheroglu’s appointment to the next day’s match is naturally questioned by the public.

What happened in one week is the latest example of the problem of ‘giving a message to referees through the appointment method’, which our Club has been trying to explain for years and which has been talked about throughout the football public in recent weeks.