Gala Games Coin: Best time to buy the cheap GameFi heavyweight?

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Some of the most attractive GameFi coins have risen above average recently due to the P2E renaissance and high demand. However, Gala Games has been relatively cautious so far and currently appears to be valued very favorably compared to its competitors. In this article you will find out whether the Gala Coin is an excellent investment idea or whether there are fundamental reasons behind the poor performance of the token, which could put it under further pressure!

Many GameFi coins have recently staged a steep rally

During the last 12 months, some of the leading GameFi coins have seen particularly steep rises and even that Bitcoin price increase of 122.29%. This is mainly due to the high demand in the GameFi sector attributed, which has been going on for many months outperforms other crypto sectors in terms of the number of unique active wallets.

The leading play-to-earn coin by market capitalization recorded this Immutable a price increase of more than 218% in the same period. Because the GameFi token has loud Decrypt all of its games are listed in the important Epic Games Store. He was also chosen by VanEck because of his low fees thanks to ZK-STARK technology, his passport and the many AAA games recommended.

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Comparison of the GameFi coins Immutable (blue), Ronin (light blue), Beam (orange) with Bitcoin (red)

But also other blockchain game coins such as the renamed Merit Circle (MC), which is now Beam that is, has developed particularly strongly with an increase of 639%. This was due, among other things, to the fact that despite the launch, some achievements had already been achieved. Beam already offers this 20 games, SDK (Software Developer Kit), token swaps, NFT marketplace and bridge.

Likewise, he has Ronin Coin from Sky Mavis, the developer of Axie Infinityone of the first and most popular crypto games, 287% within 12 months added. This was due to the Improve security after the big hack in March 2022. Ronin also includes a Range of dApps, such as Ronin Name Service, Bridge, Block Explorer, multisig wallets and the DeFi platform Katana. But also the compatibility with Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Smart Chain as well Social login contribute to mass adaptation.

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Gala Games is now following suit and could rise above average

Compared to the other GameFi coins Gala Games over the past 12 months, however, with a loss of 26.92% poorly developed. This performance was due, among other things, to the Litigation in September 2023as a team member 8.645 billion GALA tokens stolen should have.

Although the coin had already undergone a correction with the crypto market, it is fell another 35% within two months after the scandal. There was then another rally of 192% at times, but this was quickly sold off again.

GameFi Coin Gala Games

However Gala Games has a lot to offer. Because like Immutable there is a special one comfortable onboarding for traditional Web2 users, which is possible using social logins such as the Google account. However, this was communicated less strongly than the competitors.

Further is different Gala Games with its diverse offering also in other respects from the competitors in the GameFi market. Because it is as Multi-media project much broader than this.

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So there are not only Gala Games for him Games area with many different genres. Likewise exists Gala Music for novel interaction options between artists and fans as well as Gala moviewhich has already made films with some Hollywood stars such as “The Rock” and Mark Wahlberg. Gala Games is also positioning itself in the SocialFi section. It can do all of this Increase opportunities and spread risks.

Gala movie

Given the poor share price development of Gala Games The GameFi and multimedia coin appears to be particularly cheaply valued at the moment. Also the Selection of AAA games can definitely keep up with its competitors, especially if they become even more integrated into leading gaming platforms like Epic Games.

It would therefore not be surprising if Gala Games caught up with other blockchain game coins and approached the development of other leading tokens in the sector and thus increased above average in the short term.

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New AI gaming coin could even outperform Gala Games

GameFI Coin

Compared to other GameFi coins, Gala Games currently offers special potential for investors. However, this can still be surpassed by the newcomer Meme Kombat, which is already has seen extreme demand in its pre-sales, recently reaching $1 million per day, and was sold out early.

Because the project promises exceptionally captivating worlds of experience and a wealth of entertainment that never gets boring. This should be achieved with the help of the most advanced artificial intelligencewhich are intended to bring gaming into the new AI age.

Through their AI solutions, the… Game content can also be developed much more quickly, efficiently, with higher quality and cheaper let. In this way, Meme Kombat can scale particularly well and outpace its competition more easily.

There will be one GameFi ecosystem with multiple benefits developed. The main game is one at the beginning Battle arena in the style of the global gaming hit Mortal Kombatin which however the Most viral memecoin icons engage in epic battles have to prove in order to earn attractive rewards via play-to-earn.

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This coin could compete with Shiba Inu in 2024

Another big advantage of Meme Kombat is that it is is already immediately before its launch, which should take place together with the first listing on a crypto exchange in less than 10 days. So come on Natural demand is quickly added, which in turn should have a positive effect on the price of the GameFi token.

What is also particularly interesting is the combination of the most popular memecoins in just one project. Thus they become large and influential communities of memecoins, also known as community tokens, as well as that concentrated explosion potential offered.

Added to this are the attractive tokenomics, which above all magically attract long-term investors with a staking return of 96% and successfully tie up their capital. There were impressive ones 78% of $MK coins stakedwhich is an indication of investor confidence and creates an optimal environment for parabolic price increases.

Meme Kombat is rounded off by this Team of crypto experts, smart contract security reviews, and recommendations from leading crypto websites How Cointelegraph, Decrypt and BTC ECHO.

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