G-Star Raw launches into the Metaverse with a virtual mascot

Dutch denim brand G-Star Raw has transformed their 2007 mascot G-No into an NFT avatar and enters the Metaverse with this digital makeover. The brand hopes that G-No will become “a true collector’s item in digital denim” and “take the virtual world by storm” as the digital face of the brand.

Image: G-Star Raw

“We are excited to step into the NFT space with an art project that brings our brand story to life. We’re known for pushing the boundaries of denim. By transforming our mascot into a denim digital artwork, we are able to satisfy our target audience’s appetite for innovation and be present wherever they are,” comments G-Star CMO Gwenda van Vliet, in a press release .

Each of the ten different virtual G-No designs tells its own brand story on topics such as sustainability, research and others and is made from different denim fabrics and with the characteristic G-Star details.

different versions of G-Star Raw's virtual mascot G-No
Image: G-Star Raw

“Collectors will be the first to own both a piece of brand heritage and digitized G-Star raw denim at the same time,” explains G-Star.

The campaign launches today, March 30th, and the sale of the limited edition NFT avatars will take place via live auction on Rarible, with each virtual G-No mascot starting at 0.1 Ether, which is around 300 euros.