First leg in the sign of the first four, which make a void in the Women’s Serie A. But the recoveries could change the high ranking

    None of the big names let slip a Bitonto who had opened the last day of the first leg by beating the Kick Off with a round 6-1 (in the sign of the top scorer Lucileia’s hat-trick). Tiki Taka Francavilla responded immediately to San Giovanni Lupatoto, outclassing 11 -3 the unfortunate Audace Verona. Pezzolla and Leticia Martin Cortes with a brace pave the way for the yellow and red goal, in the second half Tampa also unleashes, which with its hat trick rises to twenty-five goals in the league. Cely Gaardo’s team, therefore, takes back the second position, three lengths from the leader but with a game to recover that could give them the hook. Imitate Falconara and Pescara, the championship finalists of last season, ok with three goals difference in the advances, respectively, against Italcave Real Statte (3-0 defeat) and VIP (5-2 defeat).


    In the other Sunday matches of the last first round of the women’s Serie A futsal, Lazio, Pelletterie and Orange Rovigo rejoiced. Chilelli’s Aquilotte suffer in the Avellino away game against Irpinia: Alessia Grieco makes three but it doesn’t seem to be enough, Sabrina Marchese takes care of giving away a very heavy 4-3 to the capitoline, always sixth but just three lengths from the Kick Off. measure for the Pelletterie: Carola Carolla takes care of it less than 5′ from the end to tame a tough Molfetta. Clean sheet also for Rovigo in Fondi, against the VIP rear light: Lorrai uncorks the match, Manuel Cossio’s team takes off in the second half with Itu, Buzignani and Dayane da Rocha, the latter author of a brace.


    These are the results of the thirteenth day of Serie A Puro Bio: Bitonto-Kick Off 6-1, Italcave Real Statte-Città di Falconara 0-3, Pescara Female-VIP 5-2, Irpinia-Lazio 3-4, Pelletterie-Female Molfetta 1-0, Audace Verona-TikiTaka Francavilla 3-11, Vis Fondi-Rovigo Orange 0-5.


    Bitonto 34, TikiTaka Francavilla 31*, Pescara Female 30*, City of Falconara 28**, Kick Off 23, Lazio 20, VIP and Pelletterie 16, Rovigo Orange 14, Audace Verona* 12, Irpinia 11, Italcave Real Statte* and Female Molfetta 7, Vis Fondi 1. * one game less, ** two games less.